TxDLA 2010 | Program | Conference Planner

Conference Planner
New This Year: Add conference events to your personal calendars. Do you use Google, Ourlook or other services to track your days? Then you can now easily add TxDLA 2010 events to those caledars.

Anywhere you see this symbol:

Add to My Calendar

Click on it. This will bring up a menu like this one that will allow you to add events to your calendar:

Add to my Outlook Calendar Outlook Calendar
Add to my Google Calendar Google Calendar
Add to my iCal iCal Calendar
Add to my Windows Live! Calendar Windows Live! Calendar
Add to my Yahoo! Calendar Yahoo! Calendar

For any of the calendar links to work, you will need to be logged in to the appropriate service. For the Outlook and iCal links to work, you will need to have your calendar program configured to open an .ics file.