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Presenter Resources
Here is a list of a few of the online resources that we are providing to presenters at TxDLA 2010.
Session Back Channels

Back channel communications have been enabled for the conference by use of Twitter tags. The tag for the overall conference is #txdla. Each session has also been given a specific Twitter tag - look for this Twitter symbol in the online or printed program to find the correct tag for your session:

Twitter Tag

Using Twitter in Presentations

Not sure exactly how to use Twitter (or other backchannel methods) in a conference presentation? Download and read this handy PDF guide [2.37 mb] for tips and ideas for some ideas.

There are also several sites, such as Visible Tweets and Twitter Fountain (that are not mentioned in the paper above) that you also might find helpful for your session.

Session Comments

Online session descriptions also have a comments area if you want to encourage your participants to leave comments about your session for others to read.

Online Evaluations and Conference Back Channel

New this year - fill out session and conference evaluations online! Visit txdla.org/evaluate from your computer, smart phone, or other mobile device to being the evaluation process. You can fill out the overall conference evaluation or search for specific sessions by session tag or by the date and time of the session.