TxDLA 2010 | Second Life Conference

Try Some Virtual World Education in Second Life:
Innovative TxDLA Post-Conference March 26th, 2010

The TxDLA 2010 conference provides all interested members with an opportunity to participate in an innovative post-conference on March 26th, 2010 to learn more about education using Second Life and how to get started using this environment.

Second Life (SL) is a virtual world built by its residents and is social in nature. Educational institutions are increasingly establishing their presence in SL as they find how convenient it is for especially distance education but also for class modules (see Second Life in Education). Here you can hold presentations, workshops, training modules, or even full-blown courses 'in-world', creating a presence not possible on a LMS platform. Learn more about Second Life under New to Second Life.

The TxDLA post-conference will provide you with the jump-start you need to get familiar with this technology, how to get up and running, the important basics, and give you ideas on how you can use this technology in your classes to enhance instruction. Educators from different parts of the United States will pay virtual visits during the day and present how they use Second Life in their classrooms or for professional development. You will also hear from the people powering this truly immersive and collaborative environment - all in-world! See TxDLA: SL Program for everything included during this 'must-not-miss' special day designated to virtual world education.

But wait! There is more in store: The fun and learning does not start with the conference: For those interested and eager to start right away TxDLA hosts a number of get started workshops as well as continued training for those already with their feet wet in SL. These one-hour long, recurring workshops are held during a variety of dates leading up to the conference. This is an excellent opportunity to get introduced before the conference for those not familiar with a virtual life, and for those already in-world, these workshops provide training adding to an existing skill set building on previous knowledge. There is no cost for TxDLA members for these workshops; most of them do not require any pre-registration either. These workshops are held September 2009 - February 2010. Enjoy learning more about Second Life by joining other members practicing together with experienced fellow TxDLA instructors. Pick and choose the workshops you'd like to attend under Orientation.