TxDLA 2010 | Present at TxDLA | Conference Tracks

Conference Tracks

Emerging Technology
These presentations highlight emerging technologies and ideas on the horizon, such as Web 3.0, virtual worlds, and mobile learning 2.0 - tools that are on fast track to mainstream and catching the imagination of educators.
Instructional Design
The presentations in this track focus on effective instructional design and the development of instructional materials and courses for the distance education environment.
Professional Development
Presentations in this track will demonstrate how to keep your faculty, staff, and trainers up-to-date using distance technologies to deliver professional development programs, continuing education, training incentives, resources for training, and needs assessments.
Management, Administration, and Support
These presentations focus on ways to manage and adminster the challenges of the learning environment while supporting your students, faculty, programs, and institutions.
Latest and Greatest
This track showcases "gee whiz" technologies that provide new avenues to creating knowledge, making it faster, more fluid and less disruptive. This Wikis, web blogging, collaborative docs, social networking, and bookmarking.
These presentations showcase the theoretical, methodological, empirical, or application-oriented aspects of distance learning and the use of technology to enhance learning.
Teaching and Learning
Presentations in this track focus on innovative teaching and design for the online environment, such as videoconferencing, televised distance education strategies, and other approaches that can be adapted to a wide variety of disciplines.
Vendor Showcases
This track provides a forum for vendors who have partnered with TxDLA for this year's conference to demonstrate their products in a breakout session.
The presentations in this track highlight how distance learning and students learning are being evaluated by the institution or instructor.
The presentations in this track will focus on distance education that is collaborating with institutions outside the United States or programs which are specifically targeting an international audience. How are these programs or collaborations started and maintained?
These 105-minute hands-on presentations are held in a computer-based classroom setting and will provide participants with the opportunity to experience firsthand software and distance learning solutions. K-12 educators will receive CPE credits for each hands-on session attended.