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Tom Hanson Bio
Tom Hanson Mr. Tom Hanson is a Team Lead for NASA's Training Division in Houston, Texas. He manages and evaluates shuttle mission simulator training for space shuttle crewmembers in preparation for flight. He has supported the following missions as a team lead: STS-100, STS-111, STS-116, STS-123. Currently he is assigned to the STS-128 mission. This mission is the next space shuttle mission to the International Space Station (ISS), planned for No Earlier Than (NET) August 25, 2009. It is expected to use Space Shuttle Discovery. The primary payload will be the Multi-Purpose Logistics Module Leonardo. The mission is scheduled to include three spacewalks to remove and replace a materials processing experiment outside ESA's Columbus module and return an empty ammonia tank assembly.

Mr. Hanson has received several outstanding training and leadership achievement awards from NASA. His previous presentations include topics such as the fragility of our earth, with examples of how mankind came be wiped from its surface. He also discusses NASA's plans to go to the Moon and to Mars.

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