Advanced Online Course Design: Creating Non-Linear Content Structure with Gaming Tools

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Have you ever looked at the various groups of learners in your course and wished that you could find a way to offer different content or activities for different learner contexts? Or maybe you have come up with ideas for “Choose Your Own Adventure”-type games for your learners, but just weren’t sure how to implement your idea? Or maybe you would like to offer different assignment options in an “assignment bank” format, but were unsure how to offer this to learners without confusing them over the options? In this session, Dr. Matt Crosslin will look at tools such as Twine, chatbots, and Canvas MasteryPaths that allow users to quickly build non-linear pathways that can present different options to different learners depending on what variables they choose. We will also examine the various design theories from the realm of gaming theory that will help you conceptualize your ideas.

This professional development session, sponsored by the Center for Research on Teaching and Learning Excellence and the LINK Research Lab, will be held on July 17, from 12:00 until 1:00 pm, in the LINK Research Lab (246 Nedderman Hall). Lunch will be provided. Due to space limitations, please RSVP. After reaching capacity, we will notify and add registrants to a waiting list.

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