Chatbots, Game Theory, and AI: Adapting Learning for Humans, or Innovating Humans Out of the Picture?

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If you are attending OLC Innovate next week in Denver, Colorado or virtually online, be sure to come listen to Dr. Matt Crosslin’s presentation on Thursday morning at 8:45 AM on the current work at the LINK Research Lab on making chatbots and AI more student-centered: “How can teachers utilize chatbots and artificial intelligence in ways that won’t remove humans out of the education picture? Using tools like Twine and Recast.AI chatobts, this session will focus on how to build adaptive content that allows learners to create their own heutagogical educational pathways based on individual needs.” Dr. Crosslin is planning on using chatbots and Twine to turn this into an interactive, non-linear presentation. Will it work? We shall see…

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