Feeling the Burn of Exercise
There are a lot of exercise programs out there. Because of health problems, some people need to get exercise just to stay healthy. Others just want to get in shape or lose weight. Most people struggle with motivation to stick with their exercise programs. A lot of times we give up because we didn't set good goals. We also tend to give up if we pick an exercise program that is too hard for our current level of fitness, or makes us do some kind of exercise that we really don't like.

Take a minute to think about what you might want to change about your exercise habits. Then take some time to research what you are thinking about on the Internet. Google is a good search engine to use. If you get stuck and can't think of anything you want to use, try the Links Page for some ideas.

Lose Those Extra Pounds
Most of us do some form of physical movement every day. But if we are still gaining weight, that means we are not doing enough movement.

Think of your body as a bank. Just like a bank needs money to operate, your body needs calories to keep running. Your body will use a certain number of calories each day. At the end of the day, all the calories that you haven't used up or "burned" are put into storage. That storage is called fat. If you don't want to gain fat, then you either have to decrease the number of calories you take in, or increase the number that you burn through exercise.

Take a minute to figure out how many calories you want to burn in a day. Use the Link Page for help looking up sites that will help you count the number of calories you burn doing specific exercises.

Now For the Hard Part
Think of an exercise goal for the next month for yourself. Write this goal down on your Health Goals worksheet. Then, in the calendar section of the worksheet, fill in various activities you will do to reach this goal. Listed below are links to several examples you could use to fill out your worksheet: