Conference Social Media

The official Twitter tag for the conference is


We have also created a Slack site for more focused conference discussion. Twitter is a great channel for discussion, but the open nature of Tweeting is not for everyone. Slack provides an invitation-only arena for discussion and sharing. The official conference Slack website is:

You will need to be invited to access the conversation. You can contact any member of the conference committee to get an invitation, or get your email address to Matt Crosslin (@grandeped on Twitter) to receive an invitation.

New to Slack? You can read some basic details here. You can access Slack on your computer or through its mobile app.

If you share any conference pictures on Instagram, please make sure to tag them with the #dlrn15 tag as well.

Before You Share

Please keep in mind that not everyone likes to share their thoughts or image publicly. In general, most conference keynotes and presentations are Tweeted by some people. However, as a presenter or attendee you might want to let people know if you are not okay with being tweeted, photographed, recorded, etc.