Getting to Sessions

Getting to Campus From Hotels

All conference sessions and panels will be held on the Stanford University campus. Four of the five hotels (Creekside, Keen, Westin, and Cardinal) either offer shuttles or are less than a 10 minute walk to get to the free shuttles on campus (Marguerite Shuttle). So getting to and from campus will not be an issue for these four hotels. However, Dinah’s Hotel does not offer a shuttle to and from campus and it is 2.8 miles from campus. See the Helpful Links section below for public transportation options.

Once on campus, you can walk to the session buildings or take the Marguerite Shuttle System. This is a map of the system:

The conference buildings are west of the Bookstore near the center of the map, or south of the Green Library, also in the center of the map. See the next section for a map with the conference buildings marked on it.

Conference Sessions

The main conference building is the Center for Educational Research at Stanford (CERAS). Registration and presentations will happen at CERAS. Some sessions will occur in the Cubberley Education Hall and the Barnum Center. These three buildings are marked on this map:

CERAS (aka Center for Education Research at Stanford)
Center for Education Research at Stanford
520 Galvez Mall
Stanford, CA 94305

Cubberley Education Hall (also known as the School of Education)
Stanford Graduate School of Education
485 Lasuen Mall
Stanford, CA 94305

Barnum (aka Barnum Center)
505 Lasuen Mall
Stanford, CA 94305

Helpful Links: