Technology-Based Creative Works

Technology-Based Learning Environment of the Future

This group project was to design a prototype of a possible future technology-based learning environment. My group chose to design a Personal Learning Network based on connectivism, heutagogy, and networked learning. We built a working model using WordPress and various open source plugins.

LTEC Connections Program

This group project for an advanced instructional design course was designed to leverage sociocultural theory in order to create a peer mentorship program for doctoral students. The general idea was that new students would 1) connect with a peer mentor who would guide them through the doctoral process; and 2) join several social networks to help crowd source questions and ideas.

Social Constructivism in Mobile Learning: Designing a Mobile Application to Allow Students to Learn Through Sharing

This scope of this project was to design and build a working educational mobile app prototype. I designed an app called “This Picture…” which is designed to utilize social constructivist designs. The basic idea is that students would learn a lesson in class, and then take pictures with their mobile devices later in the day as they observed something that related to that day’s lesson. Students would view a stream of photos in the app from other students, which prompted them to guess how the pictures related to that day’s lesson. The following paper describes the project in detail along with screen shots of the Android app prototype:

Healthy Choices Online Game

This group project produced a game designed to teach college students about healthy choices. The aim was to bring awareness about healthy eating habits, how to choose food wisely, maintain good exercise habits, and some misconceptions about healthy diet. The prototype game was built in the three-dimensional environment of Unity.

Interactive Multimedia Theory and Design

This group video was designed to be an advertisement for the UNT Learning Technologies program.