HumanMOOC is a course that is designed so that you are free to customize your own pathway through the course content and activities. Your pathway may include earning badges for the whole course or various parts. Below is a list of all of the competencies that the course badges will be based on. How you interact with these competencies will depend on the pathway that you choose at any given point (you are always free to change pathways).

streamThose of you that are taking the Stream pathway will be given a set of guiding questions, goals, and objectives in addition to each competency. You will also be given a specific activity to complete for each competency. You can use this activity to complete the objectives, goals, and competency for each week.

gardenThose of you that are taking the Garden pathway will be determining your own objectives to complete each competency. You are free to complete the activity for each competency from the Stream pathway, or come up with your own activity. The Activity Bank contains a few examples of other activities that you are free to use (or create your own).

Pleas note that all artifacts created for badges must be submitted to the appropriate area in Canvas in order to earn any badge regardless of which pathway you choose.

WEEK 1 (Instructor presence badge)

Competency 1: Introduces self to class in engaging, visual manner
Competency 2: Reflects on pros and cons of instructor video in class
Competency 3: Demonstrates usage of interactive educational tool to connect with learners

WEEK 2 (Social Presence Badge)

Competency 4: Creates a set of personal goals for adding social presence into class
Competency 5: Demonstrates tools and designs for integrating social presence into class
Competency 6: Reflects on social presence experiences and tips

WEEK 3 (Cognitive Presence Badge)

Competency 7: Reflects on triggering events and how they can be used in education
Competency 8: Creates an assignment for course that consists of a peer review component

Community of Inquiry BADGE

Additionally, if you earn all three badges you will also earn the Community of Inquiry Badge.

Research Participant BADGE

Those that complete all of the research activities can also earn the Research Participant Badge.