Learning In a Networked World is an open class that can be taken at any time by any group of learners. The only real requirement is a good computer, a solid Internet connection, and a group of people to learn with. You can’t really expect a network to happen without other people, right?

Learning Goal

The goal of this class is to familiarize the learner with various forms of networked learning.


Given access to an open student-led course, learners will complete three weeks worth of assignments to satisfy the open course rubric requirements.

Given access to a Massive Open Online Course, learners will complete three weeks worth of assignments in that course to satisfy the MOOC rubric requirements

Given access to Facebook and Twitter, learners will use their connections to accomplish three weeks worth of informal learning goals by accessing their network connections to satisfy the social network rubric requirements.

Given a set of blogs to gain information from, learners will comment and linkback to their blogging network to satisfy the blogging rubric requirements.

Given all of the tools covered in class, students will create a digital space / online portfolio / Personal Learning Network (or expand their exiting one) to satisfy the personal learning network rubric requirements.

Weekly Requirements

The rubrics and assignments will be post on a weekly basis on the announcements section of this site. You will be given some guidance with these posts, but be prepared for less and less directions as the class progresses, as you will be expected to learn how to become a self directed learner. The first week will go through setting up the services you will use as well as connecting them back to this class and other students. There will be three things required of you each week:

  1. Read/watch/listen to the weekly announcement as well as all linked content.
  2. Accomplish the weekly tasks associated with content
  3. Write a blog reflection of your experiences for the week. This blog will be set up the first week if you do not already have one.

Many of the assignments and activities will require your participation on open platforms. Please make yourself aware of all privacy issues regarding the information you share on those sites, and take steps to secure your data or create alternative identities to mask your true identity if security is a concern for you.


Rubrics will be posted with each weekly assignments. These will be more open than typical rubrics, allowing you freedom to tailor the assignments to your personal interests. It is suggested that you seek peer feedback for your work in order to hone your work.

Class Overview

Module 1 (weeks 1-3): Open Learning. These first weeks, you will participate in specific open course that will also serve to help you learn about digital identity, open courses, and connetivist learning designs.

Module 2 (weeks 4-6): MOOCs: These weeks you will choose a MOOC of your choice that meets the criteria of what is commonly referred to as an xMOOC. The choice can be made as a class or in smaller groups depending on interest. You will compare this method to the open learning course that you participated in during Module 1.

Module 3 (weeks 7-9): Social Networking: This module will have you taping into your social networks to find information and connection about specific topics of interest to you.

Module 4 (weeks 10-12): Blogging and Commenting: This module will have you connecting with others through blogs by comment and trackbacks. The focus will not be on your blog as much as joining the community of bloggers around a specific topic.

Module 5 (weeks 13-15): Personal Learning Networks: This final module will have you pull together all of the tools you have used so far to create or expand your personal learning network.

Privacy Notice

This class will require you to participate on networks that are open to anyone on the Internet. Please consider carefully all privacy implications that this entails. If you are already on many of these networks, you probably already have considered the issues. However, you are not required to reveal your true identity. You are free to reveal as much information about yourself as you like, or to create a complete alias and post under an assumed identity. Every one will choose a slightly different privacy path. Please read this page about Internet privacy to make sure you are fully aware of the decisions you make before you make them.


Weekly assignments will be posted on the Weekly Assignments page on the Monday of the week listed. All assignments are due the next Sunday at midnight.

  • Week 1: Starts Monday, _____. Closes Sunday, ______ at midnight.
  • Week 2: Starts Monday, _____. Closes Sunday, ______ at midnight.
  • Week 3: Starts Monday, _____. Closes Sunday, ______ at midnight.
  • Week 4: Starts Monday, _____. Closes Sunday, ______ at midnight.
  • Week 5: Starts Monday, _____. Closes Sunday, ______ at midnight.
  • Week 6: Starts Monday, _____. Closes Sunday, ______ at midnight.
  • Week 7: Starts Monday, _____. Closes Sunday, ______ at midnight.
  • Week 8: Starts Monday, _____. Closes Sunday, ______ at midnight.
  • Week 9: Starts Monday, _____. Closes Sunday, ______ at midnight.
  • Week 10: Starts Monday, _____. Closes Sunday, ______ at midnight.
  • Week 11: Starts Monday, _____. Closes Sunday, ______ at midnight.
  • Week 12: Starts Monday, _____. Closes Sunday, ______ at midnight.
  • Week 13: Starts Monday, _____. Closes Sunday, ______ at midnight.
  • Week 14: Starts Monday, _____. Closes Sunday, ______ at midnight.
  • Week 15: Starts Monday, _____. Closes Sunday, ______ at midnight.


For learners that are participating for a grade, the grades will be simple for this course. Each weekly assignment will count equally and will be averaged together at the end of the course. The rubric for each weekly grade will be posted with the weekly assignment.

Late Policy

The participatory nature of the weekly assignments will make it very difficult for you to score well on the rubric when you get behind. Please make every effort to stay on track and interact with your fellow learners. For learners that are participating for a grade, weekly assignments turned in late will be subject to a 10 percent deduction for each week they are late. If you have a serious work or life event coming up that might affect your course work, let me know and we can work something out. I’m not out to punish people, so just let me know what is going on.

What’s Next? Got to the Quick Start Page to get everything set up.