Register Your Blog to be Part of lt101

Here is the place to register the blog you will use for your lt101 related work. Be sure to double check that the URL you enter for your blog works, and that it has at least one post published. If you have any questions just let us know.

LT101 Registration

This information will help us connect your blog space to the lt101 site. Be sure to complete both steps of the form!

    • This is not something you wil likely need, but to track your blog here we need to create an account.
    • We would use this only to contact you if we need to followup on your blog’s url. This email should be one that you have set up with gravatar so your own icon will be used on this site.

    • Real name, pseudonym, name of some stranger or comic book here. In lt101 you can be whomever you want to be. If you are a registered student… well your teacher would like to know who you are.

    • Your Blog’s Address*
      You must have a blog for your lt101 work. Enter the web address for your blog if it is going to be only used for lt101 work. If using an existing blog, enter an address for a tag/category view like On the next screen we will try to discover it’s rss feed
    • Yes, we require twitter. It is the core channel for communication in lt101. If you are lacking an account, head over to twitter and make one now. Ok?
    • Sorry, spammers are everywhere. We know you are not one, and we apologize for how unreadable some of these are (try the little recycle button to generate a new one)


(this is just a mock-up of the sign up page for demonstration purposes)