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Complete List of Tags From Across The Network

Another way to bring community together is to create a system that bring tags together from across the community. This could allow users to connect with people or organizations that have similar interests, both academically and personally.

We have created a site-wide tags and category cloud that pulls all tags from every site on the installation into one page:

Global Tag Cloud

This is a work in progress, but the idea is to create other avenues for community building through the website.

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Community Hubs For Instructors and Students

Community Hub Sites are sites that connect content from across the whole network into their own area around a specific theme. We have created one for our prototype:

PLN Community

A Domain of One’s One project has also created several examples. Here are a few examples:

Domain of One’s Own Faculty Initiative

Domain of One’s Own Community

UMW Clubs and Organizations

The Bullet (student publication)

The general idea is that any type of student or faculty group can create a common online area and then populate their area with content from multiple users. This would be in addition to courses that are created on the system and the personal portfolios that the students, staff, and faculty also own.




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