Inspark Smart Science Network

Smart Science Network for Postsecondary Success in Entry Level Science for Disadvantaged Students

The Smart Science Network project was a collaboration between world-leading universities, community colleges, ed-tech companies, and learning experts to develop and deliver next-generation undergraduate science courseware. The network’s partners combined their expertise, resources, and technologies to deliver on a shared mission: to materially improve the success rate of disadvantaged students in entry-level science courses while inspiring them to address challenging problems and motivating them to persist through difficulty. This was done through the development of Smart Courses – innovative, next-generation courseware that tied traditional science disciplinary material to transdisciplinary big questions of wide appeal, using project-based, interactive, adaptive, simulation-based, constructivist pedagogy that works at scale. Partnering with Smart Sparrow, e.mersion, and Arizona State University Online, George Siemens (UTA LINK Lab) served as both the learning analytics and research lead for the project. He worked in collaboration with Shane Dawson (University of South Australia), Dragan Gasevic (University of Edinburgh), and Carolyn Rose (Carnegie Mellon University), utilizing machine learning, process mining, and learning analytics to investigate the effectiveness of social and immersive learning through the courseware.


Funding Source:
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation


Dr. George Siemens