Through partnerships, LINK had the opportunity to build relationships with top Fortune 500 companies to further its look into the world of digital learning, software development, and the long-term impact of technology on daily life. Additionally, LINK and its partners strived to understand the connection between learning and higher education.


Boeing LINK was working with Boeing and NASA to better understand the role that social networks play in the completion rates and academic performance of students taking online courses.
Intel Intel invited LINK to speak for their first “AI Day” to discuss the social implications of artificial intelligence. Conversations between LINK and Intel continued for further opportunities in digital technologies.
Internet of Learning Consortium The Internet of Learning Consortium, a 501(c)6 open membership consortium (IOLC), has been formed to increase effectiveness and availability of curricula whose learning outcomes ensure readiness for in-demand professional roles. While not a standards organization, the IOLC and its membership will facilitate the development of roadmaps for technical skill sets that align to job roles, learning curricula, and the validation of curricula effectiveness necessary to close the Skills Gap.