YogaMOOC explored the science-backed implications of the digital age on health and taught students how to use yoga to counter the musculoskeletal effects of digital use. Translating ancient yogic teachings into modern day life and using yoga to interrupt habitual thought patterns were two other areas covered in the course. Hosted by edX – an open online platform with over 10 million registered learners created by Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Yoga MOOC: The Science and Practice of Yoga was a free six-week online course with a real focus on practical applications. Instructors of the MOOC brought a dynamic blend of science and practice. Stacy and Dave Dockins are the creators and lead facilitators of Free Life People™ School of Yoga and owners of The Yoga Project Studios. Date:
October 16, 2017 (6 week course)


Dr. Catherine Spann 
Dr. George Siemens