Data, Analytics, and Learning MOOC

In this course, participants will explore research-informed, effective practices for online teaching and learning. By enrolling, you will learn practical ways to quickly move into teaching online, guided by top scholars and practitioners in the field. Each module, you will watch videos and read articles by online learning experts and participate in activities and discussions covering critical topics that will make the online environment a rich learning experience for your students. The instructors will synthesize relevant resources to help those who are new to online learning and those who have experience, but want to expand their skills and provide support for others. You will have the opportunity to ask questions, share practices that have worked well in online learning environments, and receive feedback on your teaching and learning plans. Websites:
edX Registration Page
Open Website

Dr. George Siemens
Dr. Matt Crosslin
Dr. Justin Dellinger
Dr. Tanya Joosten
Negin Mirriahi