Maria BakerMaria Baker

Maria Baker is a second grade student, residing just north of New York City. She has given one keynote and one university colloquium, and has appeared on CBS news. When she grows up, she would like to be a hominid paleontologist, living in Queens, NY with her best friend, Tina the elephant-blankie. She is the co-designer of the educational card game Academic Squabble, and has developed several other inventions, including a time machine (not yet fully functioning), and has filed a grant application with her dad for funding to refine her early prototypes into functioning systems. She does not hold any degrees (but stay posted).


On July 29, from 12 until 12:30 pm, in the LINK Lab (Rm 246 in Nedderman Hall)
Maria Baker delivered the following public presentation:

Title: Innovation Through a Future Lens

In this talk, Maria will discuss her educational card game, Academic Squabble. Academic Squabble teaches about scientists, what scientists do, Nobel Prizes and citations, and the existence of scientific paradigms and paradigm shifts. Maria will discuss her research goals and plans for studying whether other kids learn from playing. She will also tell her favorite science joke.