Dr. Michael Richey Dr. Michael Richey

Dr. Michael Richey is a Boeing Associate Technical Fellow currently assigned to support educational technology and innovation research at The Boeing Company. Michael is responsible for leading a team conducting engineering education research projects that focus on improving the learning experience for students, incumbent engineers and technicians. His research encompasses, Complexity, Sociotechnical Systems, Learning Curves, and Engineering Education Research. The educational programs and research focus on practical understanding of human learning and the design of technology-enhanced learning environments and promoting global excellence in engineering and learning technology to develop future generations of entrepreneurially-minded engineers. Michael has served on various advisory groups including, the editorial board of the Journal of Engineering Education, Boeing Higher Education Integration Board, National Academy of Engineering, American Society for Engineering Education Project Board and the National Science Foundation I-UCRC Industry University Collaborative Research Center Advisory Board.

Michael has authored-co-authored over 30 publications in leading journals including Science Magazine, The Journal of Engineering Education and INCOSE addressing topics in large scale system integration, learning sciences and systems engineering. Michael often represents Boeing internationally and domestically as a speaker – presenter and has authored multiple patents on Computer-Aided Design and Computer-Aided Manufacturing, with disclosures focused on system engineering and elegant design. He is an adjunct professor in the Colorado State University School of Education and Adjunct Faculty at Washington State University: School of Mechanical and Material Engineering (MME).

On February 22, from 12:00 until 1:00 pm, in the LINK Lab (Room 246 in Nedderman Hall)
Dr. Michael Richey delivered the following public presentation:

Title: Boeing-NASA EdX MIT: Architecture and Systems Engineering: Models and Methods to Manage Complex Systems Certificate


The Boeing Company (LTD) in partnership with NASA, and EdX have developed and deployed a Model Based System Engineering (MOOC) inspired certificate with MIT. Our MIT Boeing Architecture and Systems Engineering certificate is focused on innovation in on-line learning methodologies and evaluation with special emphasis on Clickstream and Social Network Analysis data. A key goal is to contextualize or “embody” knowledge and evaluation metrics by taking into consideration teacher-learner characteristics, course characteristics, and stakeholder goals. Our project has already result in the creation of new taxonomies and cognitive clickstream data collection instruments and video evaluation methods that make sense of diverse forms of learner data and action-oriented decisions to support learning and institutional goals. The results from the research study have the potential to make significant theoretical contributions. In fact, we are working with MIT’s Office of Digital Learning and Harvard on a collaboration protocol that would provide us with certain high-value secondary learner datasets from the edX platform. These datasets will include person-course, course-item, person-item, person-forum, forum-topic, and video analysis results.