Allyn J RadfordAllyn J Radford

Allyn is an executive-level manager experienced in innovative business models and infrastructure solutions.  He has led projects in private enterprise and education in Australia, the United States, Mexico and South Korea.  He has been involved in the use of technology in learning for more than 25 years.  During that time he has participated in learning technology standards development activities for ADL, OASIS, ISO SC36, LETSI, IMS and was a member of the Board of Directors of IMS Global.

Allyn has worked for organisations such as University of Melbourne, RMIT University, Open Learning Australia, HarvestRoad and Cisco.

Currently Allyn is the CEO of DeakinDigital, a new subsidiary of Deakin University that is focused on credentialing as an alternative to traditional higher education approaches.

On September 26 , from Noon until 1pm (Central Time), in CPB 303 (above the planetarium)
Allyn Radford delivered the following public presentation:

Title: Challenges to Higher Education: Open, Free and the Emergence of Credentials

There is a constant stream of media content either suggesting that higher education is ripe for disruption or actually calling for it while simultaneously continuing the hype around free online education offers.  This presentation will briefly set the scene and context for the emergence of new models in higher education and outline the rationale for creating DeakinDigital, a new subsidiary company of Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia.  It will then consider the potential role and impact of credentialing as both and addition and alternative to traditional higher education.