Online Projects Created for Master's Degree Program

M.Ed. in Educational Technology
University of Texas at Brownsville/Texas Southmost College

EDTC6320: Educational Technology (Spring 2005)

Project 1 - Personal Profile
This was an introduction site created as a way for online students to get to know me as the program progressed.

Project 2 - Technology Lesson Plan
This is a brief decription of a lesson that will be used to teach co-workers how to use a discussion board to increase office communications.

Project 3 - Technology Group Presentation
This project was a group presentation on "Increasing access to electronically delivered instruction in the 1990's for all levels of education."

EDTC6323: Multimedia/Hypermedia (Summer 2005)

Health Wize Lesson
An online lesson on various health topics, targeted at junior high students. Also includes an instructor's guide. See also the Design Document.

EDTC6321: Instructional Design (Fall 2005)

Self Portrait
I created this self portrait using Macromedia (now Adobe) Flash 7.0.

EDCI6301: Instructional Technology in Teaching (Spring 2006)

Should Open-Source Technology Be Used In Place Of Proprietary Products?
Looks at the different sides of the open-source debate, and suggests that open-source applications and programs can be useful in the educational environment.

EDTC6325: Educational Telecommunications (Spring 2006)

Home, Classroom, and Wireless Network Designs
Explores the design, purchasing, and set-up of three different network types - one for home use, one for classroom use, and one for a wirelless office.

EDTC6352: Planning and Designing Interactive Web-Based Instruction (May 2006)

JavaScript Projects
Integrating JavaScript into different web projects.

EDTC6350: The Instructional Technology Consultant (Summer 2006)

Web Re-Design Proposal
Looks at different aspects of becoming a consultant, and then presents a sample proposal for the redesign of the UT Brownsville School of Education website.

EDTC6332: Practicum in Educational Technology (Fall 2006)

Final Practicum Project
This is the final project that I completed for the degree program. It showcases how I applied the complete instructional design process to designing an online nutrition, exercise, and drug awareness currciulum for a High School Health class at Duncanville ISD.

Matt Crosslin