This is my wife and I on our 4th anniversary in November 2004.

This is my wife and I in Disney World. We went there recently for our fifth year anniversary.
Hello!  My name is Matthew Crosslin, but I usually go by Matt.

I am currently working an an Education Specalist at the University of Texas at Arlington's Center for Distance Education.   My main job functions involve working with professors to get their courses online.   We currently use WebCT and Blackboard as our main LMS applications.   We have over 250 courses that combine online learning with classroom learning.   They range in spectrum from the fully online courses to the course that just has a syllabus online for students to read.   I enjoy my job and the work environment.   I have great co-workers and I get to be in an environment that promotes innovation in online education.

I also have two side jobs.   For one, I work as a volunteer writer for a Waco-area multi-cultural awareness magazine called U Monthly.   The other side job is my own web design company, Monsoon River Designs.

Another field I pursue in my free time is Open-Source LMS development.   I have been working a lot with a program called Moodle.   It is a funny name for a serious program.   Moodle is designed to do what Blackboard and WebCT do for a fraction of the cost.   I have a "playground" of sorts that I use to test out Moodle.   It is called River Grounds.   I am currently working on several custom scripts for this program.   My goal is to take online education to the next level.

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