The following videos are a collection of me discussing various aspects of my work in various contexts.

This video is a discussion between George Siemens and myself about pathways course design for the Humanizing Online Instruction MOOC (HumanMOOC).

This video is from my 2016 OLC Innovate presentation, from the perspective of the audience and the virtual participants invited in through Virtually Connecting.

This is another Virtually Connecting session where I was able to sit in with Bryan Alexander, Michael Berman, and Gardner Campbell to discuss ELI2016.


This is an earlier video where George Siemens and I discuss dual-layer course design in Data Analytics and Learning MOOC (DALMOOC).

This was a session at the LINK Research Lab where I presented on planning a successful MOOC


These two videos were from the first Virtually Connecting buddy hangout at the LINK Research Lab.