The Web Is Changing Comments

Here are some comments from people that attended The Web Is Changing: It’s Time to Dethrone the LMS! TxDLA session:

  • “What Matt and Harriet are proposing is exciting, innovative, and Bb, D2L, Google, Microsoft should all stop and listen.”
  • “The presenters seemed very knowledgeable about the topic and were able to field questions well.”
  • “Overall this was a great session and was worthwhile. I would recommend it to anyone looking at the future of where they may want to take their school or institution.”
  • “Excellent enthusiasm and knowledge of the topic.”
  • “Their session was packed – standing room only, and I’ve heard several colleagues mention how thought-provoking it was.”
  • “Matt and Harriet were good presenters on a very upcoming topic.”
  • “…many eye opening ideas. You need to have a lot of guts to do this!”
  • “Dethroning the web session is pop-u-lar! Standing room only.”

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