second life and sloodle

Like most people, I began using Second Life by exploring it with friends and colleagues. My interests immediately took mt the more educational sites in Second Life, looking for ways to use simulations to teach about different topics.

Simulation of the Solar System in Second Life Live Weather Map Connected to a Simulation of the United States
Recreation of the Sistine Chapel in Second Life Recreation of the Shakespeare's Globe Theater in Second Life

This led us to start looking at how other Universities and vendors were using Second Life for learning:

Angel Learning Management System's Island in Second Life Altgelf Hall in Second Life
Video Streaming into Harvard Island in Second Life Three Dimensional Lessons at Harvard Island in Second Life

I began spending more time on the Second Life Island that the University of Texas at Dallas built, sometimes giving feedback, and sometimes building various objects in their sandbox. I managed to make a video about their island:

Most of my work in Second Life focused on Sloode, a project that created a bridge between the Moodle Learning Management System and Second Life. I was able to connect an instance of Moodle on my own website to an island in Second Life. You could then post blog posts from Second Life, look at the course calendar in Second Life, and even take course tests in Second Life (this was simulated as a chair that you would sit in and receive questions – if you answered correctly, the chair would move up in the air). I wrote a blog post about my initial thoughts about Sloodle here: Learning Management Systems Go 3-D With Sloodle.

Posting a Blog Post from Inside Second Life via Sloodle Three dimensional assignments in Second Life via Sloodle
Content Presentations in Second Life via Sloodel Course Calendar and Assignments in a Second Life classrom via Sloodle

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