The Future

For now, the A Domain of One’s Own Project is functional and is currently being used in online education. The creators of the project are still working at expanding this project into future directions.

Future possibilities include the addition of new tools in the Control Panel for students and faculty to use. Certain game and social networking tools could be added allowing learners to become their own nodes of interactive gaming and communication. WebRTC is one tool that could be added in to allow students to create their own Google Hangout or Skype like tools that they are in control of. Tools like OpenWonderland and other open source games point to how learners and instructors could create Games or Virtual Worlds in their space.

Additionally, work is progressing on creating a user profile system that can be used to connect learners from across the system. This profile system would allow online students to connect with other students that share their interests, as well as instructors that are teaching courses of interest to them.  This system would have some type of artificial intelligence behind it so that learners and instructors would see recommendations of who to connect to for informal and formal learning opportunities.

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An Example of a Future Technology Based Learning Envronment