Technology-Based Learning Environments

The purpose of our group prototype is to demonstrate an example of a future Technology-Based Learning Environment (TBLE). Towards that aim, our project will provide modeling and prototyping of a system that exemplifies a learner-centered approach using a constructivist psychology, connectedness, and technology tools.  The project will provide a look at advantages and disadvantages of the arrangement while examining the educational impact.

Our group chose a learner-centered social constructivist approach due to increasing interest in these paradigms in the educational world.  Other paradigms are certainly going to continue in the educational world, however, we feel that there is great opportunity to expand TBLEs with social constructivist design plans in the future.

The TBLE that we choose to prototype is a Personal Learning Environment (PLE) specifically modeled after the A Domain of One’s Own (aDoOO) project at University of Mary Washington. A Domain of One’s Own is one possible future PLE that could address the needs of students and instructors in that changing online or blended higher education courses of the future. The student-centered approach of the aDoOO project as well as its social constructivist underpinnings make it an ideal possibility for a TBLE of the future.

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An Example of a Future Technology Based Learning Envronment