The digital learning research network (dLRN) is a $1.6m grant, funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, exploring how to more rapidly move innovative research out of academic labs and into practice. Under the leadership of the University of Texas at Arlington, dLRN is focused on solving practical and pressing challenges for learner success, including underrepresented students. As higher education continues its transition to digital, new teaching and learning opportunities arise. By adopting a research-informed approach to deploying technologies for learning, dLRN will provide value to colleges/universities, administrators, academics, and students by identifying what works and what doesn’t with digital learning. While the original funding concluded, the Gates Foundation invited dLRN to be a founding member of the Digital Learning Solution Network. This network aims to strengthen digital learning at higher education institutions with particular focus on vulnerable populations. Funding:

Funding Source:
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation


Dr. George Siemens
Dr. Justin T. Dellinger
T. Lisa Berry