Dr. Matt Crosslin to Speak on “Starting a Conversation on How to Create Online Learning Experiences”

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Come join us on June 19, from 12:00 until 1:00 pm in the LINK Research Lab (246 Nedderman Hall) for a professional development session by Dr. Matt Crosslin on “Starting a Conversation on How to Create Online Learning Experiences.” With the current transition to Canvas at UTA, now is an excellent time to examine your online or blended courses – or to jump in if you have never taught online. This session will be the first of many to examine emerging and existing issues in online learning. The process of designing online or blended online/face-to-face courses often focuses on the methodology of taking certain steps to produce a product (the course). However – what if you looked at learning as an experience for student success more than a place run by a person constrained by specific designs? This session will begin to look at a free online resource published by Mavs Open Press called Creating Online Learning Experiences (https://uta.pressbooks.pub/onlinelearning/). This Open Educational Resource aims to be a handbook that explores many of the issues and concepts related to putting courses online for new and experienced instructors. This first session will examine how new theories and ideas that shape online learning are changing and challenging traditional notions of “distance education.” But don’t come expecting a one way lecture – we want you to bring your ideas for discussion. Future sessions will springboard off of ideas explored in this first session. Please see this link to RSVP to attend this event co-sponsored by the Center for Research on Teaching and Learning Excellence and the LINK Research Lab at UT Arlington.

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