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Matt Crosslin

E-Tattoos Point to Another New Future of Computing

1 min read

Predicting the future is tricky business, but it is always interesting to see the ideas various people have. When looking at the "next thing" after smartphones, various predictions range from computers injected into our brains to flexible paper-thin devices. The one idea that seems to be the closest to practical application is the E-Tattoo. As you can see by the video, there are working models (unlike the computer in sheet of paper idea), and many people tend to be okay with the tattoo part (unlike inject-able computers - yikes!). Of course, currently there is nothing that is that spectacular about what these do, but the future could be different according to Chris Harrison at Carnegie Mellon University: "You'll have these digital tattoo parlours which you can go to in 2050 and 5 minutes later you can walk out with the iPhone 22 on your forearm." Well, let's just hope that the iPhone 22 won't just rub off in a few days, because I am pretty sure they will be just as expensive in 2050 as they are today.