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Welcome to the HumanMOOC Connect area. This section of the site is designed to help you connect with other users in the Garden pathway of the course. Maybe you are new to connected learning and need help finding others to interact with. Maybe you are not too sure that your social network knows enough about this topic to give you feedback on your work. Maybe you just want to focus on the course here and not on Twitter. There are many reasons new and experienced users might want to use this area. Or not. The choice is up to you.

Basically, this site is built on the BuddyPress WordPress plugin. It pretty much works like Facebook, where you have a wall to post links, updates, etc. You can also create groups as you like on here. You will probably find that this site works like other social sites, but if you need a how-to guide, please see this Members Guide from BuddyPress.

To get started, go to the Registration page and get started. There is already a Help group created, so feel free to join that if you need more help on this pathway.

You can also Log In or Register at any time from the links in the top left hand corner of the black bar at the top of the page.

Once you have created your account, go ahead and share your blog on the activity stream so that others can find your awesome work of HumanMOOC!

Also, you can choose to have your blog posts automatically added to the HumanMOOC Blog Hub. This can be a good option to connect all blog posts (even those that do not connect with Activities). To get your blog added to the hub, please fill out the HumanMOOC blog Hub form:

Getting your blog post added to the Hub is easy. First, make sure you have a blog to use. You can create a blog specifically for HumanMOOC, or use an existing blog. To use an existing blog, you will need to add either a tag or category specifically named “HumanMOOC.”

To get started, please fill out the following form:

HumanMOOC Blog Hub
This is the form to have your blog added to the HumanMOOC Blog Hub. You can use either a blog dedicated solely to this course, or use an existing blog and create either a category or tag with the name "HumanMOOC" (you might want to start off with a test blog post using that tag or category before filling out this form)
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We look forward to hearing your reflections and assignments for HumanMOOC!