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Instructional Strategy
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Needs Assessment
A. Scope Of This Site
The main focus of this curriculum web is to create a web site that will help people learn how to take steps to improve their health. These steps can be little or large, depending on the goals of the user. The two areas of health that this site focuses on are nutrition and exercise. The lessons of this site are designed not only to present information, but also to help students put together a plan to improve their health.

B. Educational Goals
Students will examine the current status of their health, create goals to improve their health, and design a plan that helps them meet their goals.
Students will create a chart that helps them map short-term steps to reach their long-term health goals.
Students will have the opportunity to revisit the web site and design a higher intensity program.

C. Intended Audience
This website was designed for the teenage and young adult members of the Roseland Community area in East Dallas. This is an area of Dallas that has been renovated and added to by the City recently. Some of these improvements include a Community Center and new town homes. Many residents of this area have expressed a need to learn how to stay healthy.

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Instructional Strategy
A. Content Presentation
The content is presented in self-directed manner. Learners can choose to focus on nutrition or exercise, or both. As learners look at different issues that deal with these areas of health, they can also choose a level of intensity (low, medium, or high). The content is presented in a way that allows the learner to go back through the lesson and choose to go for a higher intensity level once they have mastered a lower intensity level (of exercise or nutrition).

B. Participation
Learners will participate in this lesson by examining their health status and looking for ways to improve that status. Learners will download and print out the Health Goals worksheet PDF document and use this worksheet to record their goals and health steps. Learners will also revisit the site once they have accomplished their initial goals and set higher goals.

C. Content Mastery
Learners will have mastered the content when they are able to fill out the Health Goals worksheet with specific, measurable, and attainable goals. Learners will also show mastery when they have created daily or weekly regimens that help them accomplish these goals.

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Instructor's Guide
A. Instructor's Role
The instructor's role will be to mainly answer questions and guide students through any problems they have with the website. Health can be a complicated field sometimes, with many myths and fads. Instructors will need to be ready with current health facts to answer learner questions. Ideally, the instructor should also have the Health Goals worksheet downloaded and printed up for each participant before the lesson starts. Some students may want to use separate sheets of paper for each lesson, or they may want to complete several sheets for several months in advance, so it is a good idea to have several extra sheets available. Instructors will also need to check over the completed Health Goals worksheets to ensure that learner responses are realistic and accurate.

B. Facilitation Of Instruction
This lesson is designed for learners to design their own health improvement program. Learners do not need to go through every page in order to complete their Health Goals. Learners should start off with Introduction Lesson and the Goals Lesson. These lessons show the learner that "being healthy" is a mix of several factors that will be different for each individual. Some learners may need to go through all pages, some may know exactly what they need and will go to that page. If learners finish their Health Goals early, have them go a step further with any steps in their plan. For example, if they said that they will "exercise for 30 minutes a day, 3 days a week," have them create a workout plan of specific exercise and repetitions.

C. Materials Needed
Pen or Pencil
Current Calendar
Printed out copy of the Health Goals worksheet

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Evaluation Rubric
  Not Acceptable
0 points
20 points
25 points
Filling Out the Worksheet Worksheet was not filled out Worksheet was vaguely filled out Worksheet was completely filled out in an understandable manner
Health Goals No health goals Health goal(s) created, but are vague Specific, measurable, and attainable goals are created
Realistic Goals No goals, or impossible goals Goals can probably be reached, but it's questionable Realistic goals that can definitely be achieved in the time indicated
Health Calendar Nothing on the calendar Less than 5 vague events placed on calendar A specific plan is laid out using the calendar to guide days, times, and amounts
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