Part 2
Part 2
Can I really do this?
Many people start new exercise programs or diets by jumping in all the way. They try to do everything just like some celebrity on TV. The problem is that your body is unique and it needs it's own unique plan.

Think of your workout plan like mixing a piece of music. You take a lot of separate parts - like the bass, the drums, or the vocals - and mix them together to form a good song. Some people like different mixes in their music. Some people like a lot of bass. Some people like a smooth vocal delivery. Some like singers who shout.

This is the way your body is. You may need a lot of exercise, or you may need to cut back on certain foods. It's all about finding the right mix for you.

Give it a try! The mixer above really works. Press the play button in the lower left hand corner to begin. You can change the volume levels, or even change the patterns of individual components. The "M" button will mute the track that it is under. The "S" button stands for solo, and it will mute all the other tracks except for the one it is under.

Got Goals?
Many people fail at getting healthy because they don't know how to set a good goal. Do you know how to set a good goal? See if you can pick the good goal from the list below: