More About Matt

Matt was born and raised in the wilds of Central Texas. After surviving high school, he went to MCC and Baylor University, where he received a Bachelor of Science degree in art education and science education. Since then he has worked as a health inspector, junior high teacher, tutor, writer, web designer, adjunct professor, instructional designer, and researcher. And, yes, he does have many interesting stories about all of those positions, especially the first two. He has been involved in education in some form since 1994.

Currently, Matt works as an Instructional Designer II at Orbis Education. He also serves as part time faculty for the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, where he teaches Masters and Doctoral Level courses in their Ed-Tech program. Before Orbis, he worked for nearly 15 years at the University of Texas at Arlington – 10 years at the Center for Distance Education and then 5 years at the LINK Research Lab. Matt also started the EduGeek Journal blog, an online community promoting news and views from the world of educational technology.

In 2006, Matt received his Masters of Education degree in Educational Technology from the University of Texas at Brownsville (now the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley) online. In 2016 he received his Doctor of Philosophy degree in Learning Technologies from the University of North Texas.

Matt also loves to travel. His favorite country to go to is India, but he has also been to Scotland, Sweden, Morocco, Germany, England, France, Spain, Mexico, Jordan, the middle of nowhere, and back again. He used to sometimes think that he wanted to go on The Amazing Race someday – but he really isn’t that competitive. Matt loves to collect weird instruments in these countries and then inflict them on unsuspecting guests. He also likes drawing, science fiction, music, and trying new foods. Sometimes all at the same time.

Matt’s greatest love is being a Dad. His son is a fun, energetic kid that keeps showing him how amazing life is.